The things we search for…

WordPress offers a number of tools to analyse traffic to one’s blog: which country, which site referred and what search terms were used.

Someone searched for “Reverend Ramsden’s Ringpiece” [cathedral] and clicked to my site.  I’m on page 2 of Google, so he’d gone through a number of pages before he got to mine.  I hope that he finds what he’s looking for.

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Prius fail – dead 12 volt battery

Once again I find myself with a flat 12 volt battery standing athwart billions of Yen of research and development… a flat battery has rendered my car inert.

Could have been a light left on, a door left ajar or just a crappy battery.  Sad face.

UPDATE 10:00: Nice man from Allianz Roadside Assist got me started.  The battery analyser said that the battery was charging just fine when the car was on but not running, this was probably the HV battery topping up the 12 volt battery.  The analyser then wanted me to rev the engine and then idle; tricky on both counts.  While in Park I had to press the brake and the accelerator together to force the engine to turn.

Is there a battery analyser for hybrid cars?

I think that I’ll invest in a jump starter, as a simple battery charger won’t start the car in that state.

Prius mods part 1 – Headlamps

Barely worth mentioning, but I bought a pair of the trusty Philips BlueVision bulbs for “My Red Prius”. Trying to buy H11 bulbs is a nightmare. It was hard enough buying H7 with my old European cars. Apparently the Mazda 3 is using the same bulbs and the plug seems to be a more durable, sealed connection so perhaps they will become more popular soon.
My Red Prius goes in for its 80,000km service next Friday so I might ask them to align the headlights then.