NBN backup battery can be recharged

My NBN backup battery was beeping; calling for its replacement.The alarm silence button didn’t seem to silence the beeping for long. As my installation was 3 years old, the battery was no longer covered by warranty.

Surely it is just a battery. However, the guide suggests that the battery is very particular, such as an emphasis on unusually-sized terminals.

As luck would have it, I had a spare battery from a 13 year-old alarm system with similar specs: same 12 volts, same 7.2Ah capacity, slightly smaller terminals. The battery had run two sirens and a strobe for over 10 minutes, so it was capable if just a little bit flat.

Before I swapped them over, I put both through a full recharge from my spiffy CTEK MXS 5.0. This charger will work down to 1.2 Ah on its motorcycle mode.

Charging the NBN battery worked a treat. I refitted the battery and the battery warning alarm has been silent since.

Charging the alarm battery failed; the charger would not progress from the first of its 7 phases so the battery was a brick.

The irony of all of this is that the backup battery does nothing to keep my VOIP online.

NBN secretly installing in Gungahlin?

If you choose to ignore the several community briefings from NBN Co. and their website and the general buzz… you could be shocked by the amount of suspicious activity occurring around Gungahlin.  Or should I say, under Gungahlin?

Witness this infra-red photo taken during the day at great danger to the photographer, since he was in his car at the time and another car could have driven down the street at any time.

NBN Infra-red spyshot
Suspicious activity in Gungahlin recently appears to be related to the NBN rollout. Red circle: man in high-visibility work-wear with vehicle. Orange circle: Two workers carrying something, most likely a very thin fibre optic cable. Blue circle: Man climbing tree. Purpose unknown. Green circle: large hay bale or some sort of cabling apparatus. 

When approached the men were friendly and courteous.  However, they insisted that what appeared to be a very thin cable was in fact a revolutionary water pipe and that they were plumbers.  When I asked about their trucks, which were emblazoned with the logo of a cabling company they said that their own fleet of trucks was busy doing plumbing and that they had borrowed trucks from a cabling company that had no work on at the moment.

I wish I could get to the truth somehow.