PR on every Segment – Mulligans Flat ride

I had a great day for results today.  I PR'd every segment I rode and smashed some old times.  I was feeling 9/10 and even though the wattle pollen was noticeable. Name Dist Elev Speed HR New Time Previous Best Mulligan's gate to gate east 3.3km 32m 22.9km/h 164bpm 00:08:30 00:09:07 Kangawallafox Climb 1.7km 29m … Continue reading PR on every Segment – Mulligans Flat ride

MapMyRide to Strava Converter

[UPDATE 07/03/2014: Mark Filer provided a new link to a converter.  Procedure updated.] [UPDATE 24/06/2014: Manually-created MMR workouts cannot be converted; there's no time data.  Thanks to Amanda for working that out.  Use to recreate instead.] [UPDATE 26/06/2014: Mike Palumbo, the author of the current converter, commented on the issues some of you are having.] I've … Continue reading MapMyRide to Strava Converter