Time Series Errors in Garmin Activities

The short guide to fixing time series errors When uploading to Strava you may get an error that the "time series" is missing and your workout cannot be uploaded. This can even happen after Garmin Connect has successfully loaded from the same device; but the strange time and straight-line graphs hint that something wasn't right. You … Continue reading Time Series Errors in Garmin Activities

Keeping track of cycling and training

I'm starting to get a bit serious about cycling.  It's one thing to ride every weekend (regardless of weather) and put down the k's, it's another to establish a training program. (Spoiler alert: I do not have a fully-fledged training program yet, but I'm getting together the pieces.) Tracking A fairly simple step is to … Continue reading Keeping track of cycling and training

MapMyRide to Strava Converter

[UPDATE 07/03/2014: Mark Filer provided a new link to a converter.  Procedure updated.] [UPDATE 24/06/2014: Manually-created MMR workouts cannot be converted; there's no time data.  Thanks to Amanda for working that out.  Use http://www.strava.com/upload/manual to recreate instead.] [UPDATE 26/06/2014: Mike Palumbo, the author of the current converter, commented on the issues some of you are having.] I've … Continue reading MapMyRide to Strava Converter