Saville Row – Documentary and odd combination of parked cars

I just watched an excellent documentary about Saville Row.  The tailors and outfitters on famous street in Mayfair, London were ruffled by the prospect of Abercrombie & Fitch opening in an abandoned bank building on the street.  While a few were hopeful that some of the young crowd would consider bespoke clothing sooner rather than later, the rest were much more realistic.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom.  There was also the rich history, the tradition, the ‘making lots of military uniforms and getting paid almost nothing for them’ and the incredibly high standards, quality and prices.

Here’s the three episodes on Youtube.

So I decided to check Saville Row on Google Maps Street View.  Opposite Hardy Amies (I have some of his shirts, me) I spotted a Hummer H2 parked in front of a G-Whiz.
Has anyone else found an improbable pair of cars parked together in a street world famous for fashion?