Amy’s by the numbers

A bit of an update to put some stats around the ride.

Watts/kg at 1 Hour – 1.98

I’m really happy with this. It’s a Strava estimate, but my long-term average has been around 1.5W/kg.

My last FTP test on a KICKR was 238W for an hour, so an estimate of 214W is plausible for the start of a 5 hour effort.

Garmin Recovery Time – 67 hours!

And I thought that the 58 hour recovery time calculated after l’etape was bad.

I can’t agree with this metric as I felt quite good at the end of the ride. I could have ridden home if Chris and Christopher didn’t have to get back to Sydney so quickly. 

Vmax 86.4km/h

At this point I’d been coasting from the small climb after the loop. Smooth, straight, steep road and a tight tuck. 

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