Carspotting 2

Quite a list
Maybach 57.  The darkened windows and Kobe registration suggested that the owner might be camera-shy.

Rolls Royce Phantom in white
Prius PHV.  Quite a few, actually.

Prius PHV in Himeji
Prius PHV in Himeji

Austin A35.  Nissan did make Austin copies under the Datsun brand, but this particular car has Austin badge and bonnet ornament.

Austin A35 slowly climbing a hill - Kobe
Austin A35 slowly climbing a hill – Kobe

Corolla Fielder Hybrid (Corolla station wagon)
VW Type 3 wagon in LHD (Kyoto)
Four Prius NHW10-11 in the space of a few minutes and about 500m

Prius NHW10 in Kobe.  Note the wheels and bumper-mounted fog lamps
Prius NHW10 in Kobe. Note the wheels and bumper-mounted fog lamps

Mitsubishi i and i-MiEV.  It’s hard to tell them apart unless you can hear an engine running.
Nissan Leaf

There’s also a curious range of bicycle branding, typically on small-wheeled full suspension models
Ferrari.  There have been Colnago-Ferrari collaborations… this wasn’t one of them.

Quite why butch brands appear in dinkys I haven’t quite worked out.


2 thoughts on “Carspotting 2

  1. Hello, are you living in Kobe, Japan? I am a huge car Enthusiast and in Kobe is a fantastic car collection. It includes one of my dreamcars, a very special conversation of the W140 Mercedes-Benz S-Class into an estate. The owner is called Yoshikuni Okamoto. Do you know this Person or have you ever heard something about him? Or do you even know the car and has seen it?

    Greetings from Germany


    1. Hello Bernhard
      No, I live in Canberra, but I visit Japan every 1-2 years. Kobe is a great place to explore.
      I haven’t seen an S-Class estate and I don’t know that person. But I googled his name and found amazing photos. An example was a Jaguar XJ220 and a Bugatti EB!
      I’ll do more research, but you’ll probably discover more on Google.


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