That’s the thing about bias . . .

Were it not for the fact that he is a cyclist, this nine-sided hypocrite would have no redeeming features at all.

The Australian Independent Media Network

newman menziesOne of these is incapable of movement, one of them is incapable of thinking and one of them is a statue.

Quotes From Tony Abbott on SPC-Ardmona

“This government has a responsibility to stand up and fight for our domestic industries and the urgent processing of anti-dumping and safeguard action investigations should be the first step.”

“This is a government in chaos which is completely disregarding you at a time when they should be standing side by side with you and doing whatever they can to support you.”

Unfortunately, the quotes are from May last year, so he wasn’t actually talking about HIS government, but why should I let a little thing like that bother me? But if you want some other nice changes of tune from before the election there’s this on the ABC:

And his tweet seems even more accurate now than when he made it:
“…at the end…

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