I cracked the ton! Backwards

For the first time in… not sure… I weigh less than 100kg.  The numbers from the Tanita body composition scale are:

  • 99.2kg
  • 24.3 % body fat (still a bit high, but trending well)
  • 3.9kg bone mass (sometimes 4.0, sometimes 3.9)
  • visceral fat 13 (normal range 1-14)
  • muscle mass 71.1kg (this seems a little low, there’s at least that much in my legs alone)

I should qualify the achievement by saying that this month has been quite stressful (my lost passport was only replaced today!) so I haven’t been eating as heartily as “normal”. But I haven’t been skipping meals or avoiding the odd glass of wine either.

Remember, my numbers from 13 months ago were 115kg and 30%. In fact, I just noticed that on 1 August 2013 I bounced up to 110.4kg and stayed above 108kg until mid-September. No wonder people are telling me I’ve lost weight recently. I’ve been looking across 13 months of slow improvements and not noticing the recent changes.

BTW, I am making no promises about my numbers after 3 weeks of earnest eating and drinking in Japan. Any bets?


Your thoughts?

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