2013… how shall I put this?

I’m glad that 2013 is over. It was no annus horribilis but it wasn’t quite up to expectation.

I finished a few major projects, of which I should be very pleased.  But they were quite draining.  I also expected to travel overseas to support the product, but apparently non-experts are better.

I had expected to follow-on to a number of small, simple projects but lack of organisation by the business introduced delays, so much so that we had to let go of some contractors before we could finish.  How bloody long does it take to approve requirements?

On the positive side, the major projects brought together system teams like never before with a much better understanding of the integration points.  We were far less likely to get a defect ticket dumped on us; more likely to get a collegiate approach to troubleshooting.

The federal election was disappointing.  Firstly, the Labor that had achieved so much decided to implode.  Then it was all too easy for the massively-biased News Limited papers to dupe the feeble-minded that three-word slogans were more than enough reason to vote for the other mob.  At least some journalists tried to ask probing questions, such as of Jaymes Diaz and Confused with the Six Point Plan to Stop the Boats [three-word slogan], none of which he could remember.

And a special mention to the Australian Independent Media Network for great analysis, sorely missing from mainstream media for the most part.

I wish that I had attended more events for Canberra’s Centenary.  While many were existing, annual events riding on the coattails of 2013, it was nice to see so many things happening

On the positive side, I have a lot to show for 12 months of cycling amounting to over 3,100km since 31/12/2012.  Firstly, my old mountain bike hasn’t turned out too badly; new tyres, new saddle and new rear shock have brought it up to date a little.  I’ve ridden a lot of different terrain and built confidence that was missing.  I should have been riding much more.  I even resurrected my 25 year-old road bike and got it working better than new.  I bought a new Trek Domane road bike in July and have been smiling even since.

As for performance, I’ve dropped 12kg since 12 months ago, from 115kg to 103kg.  I plateaued a little at 105kg, but started to drop weight again in October as my fitness improved.  My times have typically improved by about 1/3, especially the climbs.  I’m riding further, faster and harder than I thought possible.  I still have a way to go to keep up, but the early starts and freezing mornings are well worth it.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so down on 2013, but I’m glad it’s over.


Your thoughts?

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