Crap, Hogwash, Wikipedia and Other Strong Evidence.

I’ve never understood why people think that it is unacceptable to NOT have a favourite footy team, opinion on who will win X Factor or DWTS, but it is perfectly acceptable to profess ignorance and mistrust of science. And they’ll type that on a smartphone to appear on the Internet.
Wouldn’t it be nice to switch the science off for an hour so that people like our PM could see what happens if the geeks and boffins left the planet.

The Australian Independent Media Network

“I mean in the end this whole thing is a question of fact, not faith, or it should be a question of fact not faith and we can discover whether the planet is warming or not by measurement. And it seems that notwithstanding the dramatic increases in man made CO2 emissions over the last decade, the world’s warming has stopped. Now admittedly we are still pretty warm by recent historical standards but there doesn’t appear to have been any appreciable warming since the late 1990s.”


From Abbott’s Interview with Andrew Bolt:

Bolt: (Volunteering to fight) the fires. Was there an element of running away from the office?

PM: Ha! Mate, I got up to the station at 4pm Saturday and I got back to the station at 10 Sunday morning. So there’s no question of running away from…

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What do we want in a Local Bike Shop?

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