Just Remember We’re Not Independent and We’re All Idiots.

I could not have put it better myself.

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A few years ago, I had the pleasure of taking a class called “Oral English” which was one hour a week and in it Year 10 students were meant to improve their oral skills by short talks, debating and intelligent discussion of issues. The intelligent discussion of issues nearly always descended into them raising their voices and insulting each other at which point I’d bring a halt to proceedings and remind them of the rules of the class.

One day, instead of doing the same ineffective thing, I simply asked them, “When was the last time that someone changed your mind by yelling at you? Or by insulting you?” The general consensus was never. “Then why do you think it’ll work when you do it?’

“We don’t,” said one girl.

“Then why do you do it?” I asked

“Because it feels good.”

“Well, just so long as you’re not expecting…

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PR on every Segment – Mulligans Flat ride

I had a great day for results today.  I PR'd every segment I rode and smashed some old times.  I was feeling 9/10 and even though the wattle pollen was noticeable. Name Dist Elev Speed HR New Time Previous Best Mulligan's gate to gate east 3.3km 32m 22.9km/h 164bpm 00:08:30 00:09:07 Kangawallafox Climb 1.7km 29m … Continue reading PR on every Segment – Mulligans Flat ride

Usually, they wait till you’ve signed the contract before revealing the fine print!

I hope/fear that the contract would be every bit as successful/disastrous as the “Contract with America [sic]” was in the mid-1990’s.
“Spoken/scripted” is the new “core/non-core promise”.

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Who else received a Contract from Tony Abbott? Just wondering, because I misplaced mine and I’ve been searching for it on the internet, and I can’t seem to find it there either. Perhaps, it was an individual contract…

”You’ll notice we haven’t said we’re going to get to a surplus by a particular date.” Tony Abbott

“But missing from the independent costings will be the analysis on three of the Coalition’s key policies: broadband, Direct Action and the plan to stop asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat.” The Sydney Morning Herald

Anyway, I was searching for it, because I couldn’t remember if it said anything about surpluses, but as I can’t find it, I guess he’s off the hook.

Still, I wonder whether it was such a good idea to send me a contract at all. I mean, I hadn’t asked for one. And if I was going to…

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