MapMyRide to Strava Converter

Strava.  Ur doin’ it rong. (Photo credit: lodri)

[UPDATE 07/03/2014: Mark Filer provided a new link to a converter.  Procedure updated.]

[UPDATE 24/06/2014: Manually-created MMR workouts cannot be converted; there’s no time data.  Thanks to Amanda for working that out.  Use to recreate instead.]

[UPDATE 26/06/2014: Mike Palumbo, the author of the current converter, commented on the issues some of you are having.]

I’ve converted to Strava.  The app and website are so much nicer than MapMyRide.  Not perfect, but quite nice.

Naturally, I want to upload my rides from MapMyRide to Strava so that I can analyse my rides with better tools and get a good comparison against many riders.  I can even compare against myself easily and graphically.  The Strava upload instructions are at

From MapMyRide I downloaded a KML file and GPX file of my ANZAC Day ride around Mt Stromlo Loop 3.  The KML file worked well in Google Earth and let me fly over the route.

However, the GPX file failed when uploading to Strava, with the error message “Error processing activities”.  The solution is on Strava Customer Support here.  To quote Mat from the Strava Support Team,

Data exported as GPX files from MapMyFitness sites does not contain workout data, which includes the time data for your activity. Since Strava requires time data for Segments, segment matching and other analyses, data exported from MapMyFitness is not compatible directly with Strava.

If your activity on MapMyFitness sites does include workout/time data, and you would like to export that data, you can try this third-party workaround, a tool that is available on the web (but is not affiliated with Strava or MapMyFitness):

Conversion instructions

To convert and upload your MapMyRide workout, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to (Thanks to Mike Palumbo for the new converter and Mark Filer for the new link!)
  2. Enter the workout ID of the ride you want to convert and click <SUBMIT>.
  3. The converted workout saves as a GPX file.
  4. On Strava upload the GPX file.


What could possibly go wrong?

A surprising number of things.  Firstly, the original conversion site went offline without warning, but Mike Palumbo provided an alternative.

  1. Only recorded workouts can be converted.  Manually-created workouts do not have data to convert.  Workaround: On Strava, and enter the details manually.
  2. Your browser might add an extension to the .GPX file such as .XML.  Workaround: Look at the filename in full and remove any stray extensions before uploading to Strava.
  3. If the converter fails to convert, it could be an error as the upload is occurring.  To quote Mike Palumbo, “99% of the time, the issues are caused by MMR losing your time data on upload, resulting in a “NO_TIME_SERIES” error on their side. Without that data, sadly, there’s nothing I can do to export your ride or run. Sorry about that!”  Workaround: Try again?

26 thoughts on “MapMyRide to Strava Converter

  1. I got the message: “Unfortunately your workout does not contain any time series and cannot be exported.” What’s that all about?


    1. That error indicates that you haven’t converted the GPX file to create a TCX file. The GPX file looks great in Google Earth because it shows the route, but there’s no workout data in there. (I now use Garmin Fit and I just uploaded 3 TCX files to Strava. Garmin uses TCX files natively.)
      Try the process again and upload the TCX file to Strava. Reply with the outcome.


      1. Correction: “…converted the GPX file to create a TCX file” should read, “…converted the MapMyRide Workout to create a TCX file”.
        There’s no TCX file export from MapMyRide.


    1. I just converted a workout successfully, so the basic procedure and websites work.
      The error comes from the “export” website, so whatever data you’ve provided is missing time series.
      1. Don’t export a GPX or KML file from MapMyRide. The GPX file does not contain the time series so uploading it to Strava will produce that error and there’s no way to convert the file to get the time series back in.
      2. Make sure that you are converting the workout ID; not the route ID.

      For example, The workout I just converted has workout ID 231041nnn but is has route ID 172170nnn. 231041nnn converted OK, but 172170nnn will fail.

      I’l update the procedure above (later today, I just woke up) to put more steps in, just in case there’s an assumption I’ve made or a step that needs more detail. The bones of the procedure are:

      1. Open This page that opens shows your workouts by calendar or list view.
      2. *View* your workout. The page that opens shows the particular workout and is
      3. Open in another tab/window.
      4. Enter workout ID nnnnnnnnn
      5. Enter Captcha codes
      6. Click Submit
      7. Download TCX
      8. Open Strava in another tab/window and select Upload Activity – From File
      9. Select TCX file
      10. Enter ride details into Strava and save
      11. View your workout in Strava.

      See if that works for you.


      1. Thanks, I have never seen that happen. Maybe the save dialog on your browser is defaulting to file type .xml?
        I use Google Chrome and I’ve never had to change the file extension.


    1. Yes, and there’s a similar comment on Strava’s zendesk on 13/02/2014. Strava has restricted some third-party apps from accessing its site recently, but the converter is probably just down for maintenance.


      1. Thanks Mark. I don’t think that it’s saying too much to say that the equilibrium of the Internet has been restored. 🙂
        I’ve generated a TCX from the site, but I haven’t tested any further than that. The filename it generates is unrecognisable, so if there was a subsequent upload problem in Strava (or Garmin Connect) it wouldn’t be clear which activity had failed.


  2. With the newest link I can only seem to generate a GPX file. With the old link I can generate a TCX file but when I import it into Strava it still says “no time information available”. Any ideas? Thanks


    1. Hi Felix
      The ‘time information’ error is the one we’re trying to fix.
      1. Check that you are following the procedure steps correctly. Make sure that you are converting the correct type of MMR, the “workout”, not the “routes”.
      2. See if the resulting filename has additional extensions like “.xml” and remove them before uploading to Strava.
      3. Try another MMR workout. There may have been a data problem with the original.


  3. I am having the same problem when I use the link. The MMR workout (not, route) converts into a .gpx file, not a .tcx. When I try to upload this to Strava, I get the “no time Information available” error message. The MMR workout I’m trying to import was a manual entry. I created the route and then logged the workout. I included the start time, end time, duration, etc. when I entered the workout. Do you think it is impossible to download a manual entered work out as .tcx?


    1. BINGO!, I think that you’ve solved Felix’s question.
      In a manually-created workout, there’s no time series, no second-by-second data to convert. I can’t say why the converter produces a .gpx file… it could be its way of dealing with errors gracefully?

      No problem, just recreate your manually-created MMR workouts manually in Strava.


      1. Unfortunately my workouts weren’t manually uploaded but recorded on my phone. An example of a workout is The new link posted in the description seems to only produce a GPX file not a TCX. Are you able to have any success with the workout shown above? Many thanks


      2. Felix, I tried 594947365 and got this error message, “No lap data was found in this workout; this is almost certainly caused by MMR losing your time data. Please double check the workout ID or contact mike at for additional help.”
        I was able to view your workout in MMR and saw graphs and whatnot, so time is being recorded. Contact and see if he can help; it’s his tool after all. Give him details of the device, software etc.


  4. Hi there! Mike Palumbo here! 🙂 Just a quick note that my tool only generates GPX files at the current time, but I’ll be adding TCX as an option shortly. For the time being, GPX is the correct output and Strava has no issues with that format.

    99% of the time, the issues are caused by MMR losing your time data on upload, resulting in a “NO_TIME_SERIES” error on their side. Without that data, sadly, there’s nothing I can do to export your ride or run. Sorry about that!


    1. Thanks Mike.
      If you need beta testers, I’m sure that I could refer a few to you.
      I converted all if my MMR before the previous converter went offline, so I haven’t used yours in anger. Thanks for replying.


  5. I have 8 years worth of MMR activities that I’d like to migrate to Strava. Is the single TCX activity export/import the only way to do this? Seems way too painful to even think about doing.


    1. I’m not aware of a batch process for this. Perhaps you could convert particular activities such as a sportive you do every year + last season so that you have representative data in Strava to compare to future activities.


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