MapMyRide suggested settings

MapMyRide is a great little app.  I can keep track of what I do and compare with others who have ridden the same paths.  However, there are two settings that can cause issues and confusion.


I like to share my bike rides, because it suggests something favourable about me and it is friendly competition to my friends.  It’s nice to have your weekend presented on FriendFace as maps and hills and calories burnt instead of swearing at football results and photos of drunken antics, either of which future employers could make judgements on. I don’t share my dog walks.  (That’s another thing to like about MapMyRide; there’s so many types of activity you can record or log.)  Partially because I’m happy to record those km for myself. There are sharing settings on the app.  However, these are overruled by your sharing settings in your MapMyRide profile.  So if you save a workout without sharing and mark to “only me”, but your profile is set to share, you’ll share.

Thank you for contacting us! I show that your account is connected to Facebook online Also is set to share workouts in the Privacy sections

If you are using the same log in for both apps then all of this information is being shared, as they are running on the same platform. We apologize for the confusion.

To make the changes:

Website profile: Settings > Privacy > Activity Privacy Settings > Set all to share with friends or private.  Note: If you share with friends, they will get informed through the app, but not through Facebook/Twitter.

App settings: deselect Facebook/Twitter sharing.

To share from the app, save the workout.  Once the details have saved to the website, click the orange share button and select the share medium.

Auto-pause too sensitive?

Auto-pause is a useful function; stop at traffic lights or help an old lady across the street and your workout time doesn’t suffer.  However, it can a threshold that pauses when you think you’re moving.

I’ve been riding (!) some very steep hills lately and I admit that there have been times when I have had to walk the bike.  At very slow speeds (slow, painful walk) the ‘workout auto-paused’ message will remain; you have to move a bit quicker to clear it.   To save iPhone battery I don’t have the display on at all times, so it wasn’t until I was riding home that I noticed the ‘workout auto-paused’ message appear and disappear even though I was travelling at 10-12km/h.

When I analysed my rides on the website, I’d been given a KOM award for riding the 2.85km and 196m Category 3 ascent of Mount Majura in  20:48 at an average speed of 10.1km/h.  (yes, neither the time nor the average speed make sense!)  The true speed is likely to be about 5km/h if I’m lucky.  I didn’t keep track of the real time since I have an app for that.  I’ll have to wait 2 weeks for another crack at it, this time with a second stopwatch.

So switch off auto-pause if you notice the ‘workout auto-paused’ message appear and not clear when you move.

English: Mt Ainslie, Mt Majura from dickson oval
English: Mt Ainslie, Mt Majura from dickson oval (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your thoughts?

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