Not numb no more

I took a week off my mountain bike to take the pressure off my ulnar nerve.  My pinky is still a little numb; maybe 10%. Yesterday I visited my Chiropractor for the first time since August 2012. He suspected that the ulnar nerve was being pinched in my neck.

Anatomy of Ulnar Nerve
Anatomy of Ulnar Nerve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So tonight I had my first ride with my new saddle and holding my new grips. Yes, they worked.

The extra flat area on the grips makes a big difference.  I’ll need to adjust the angle a little, but the change of grips has done the trick.

The saddle worked immediately.  Despite the very thin padding, the saddle is much more comfortable than my old one.  No more sore bum.  The only issue seems to be that I am using some new muscles in my legs.


Your thoughts?

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