I’m tracking every movement with MapMyRide.  Every bike ride is recorded and shared with all humanity.  I keep the tracking of some activities such as walking the dogs for myself only.

The MapMy… apps and websites are quite good.  I’d previously used WalkWatch and found it easy to use but difficult to export the rich data it had captured.  I’m resigning myself to losing the maps of Japan I gathered last time I wandered around.

MapMyRide gets around that issue by saving to your account on-line when you finish a workout.  This is its stand-out feature since blowing away the app won’t affect the runs recorded on the website.  It will also allow you to upload from 9 popular training tracker apps and systems like Garmin, Polar and Nike+ as well as a few file formats.

The website and app are not without problems:

  1. Metric or imperial measurements are displayed at random, sometimes different units on the same page,  despite the measurement setting you choose.
  2. Date format reverts to MM-DD-YYYY (why?) instead of the preference chosen.
  3. The height that I input changes from 1.95m to 1.93 or 1.90, metric amounts that correspond to the nearest inch. (see point 1)
  4. The weight I input… It isn’t clear if it the website keeps track of weight, waist and resting heart rate.  Those are useful measures.  You record them against your profile, so they are probably point-in-time rather than tracked.
  5. If you do the same course multiple times in a workout, you only can analyse of one of the runs.

None of these are show-stoppers, but I’d like to see them fixed.

Happy riding.

UPDATE: 28/01/2013 16:54 – I just found another one: I just completed a lovely mountain bike workout in the drizzle on a new and very steep track at the highest climb I’ve attempted recently.  What is even more remarkable is that MapMyRide calendar believes that this happened on both 28 and 29/01/2013.

MapMyRide calendar can see your future.
MapMyRide calendar can see your future.

Your thoughts?

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