Early Number Plates – all in one day

Drove the Canberra to Sydney loop today for the dogs’ haircut and some shopping.  I few things were curious about the drive apart from not seeing a police car the whole journey (except for the Random Breath Testing unit off the Goulburn exit at 0730.  But I don’t think that I’ve seen so many early number plates in one day.

  • AAA-009 – This black number on gold (non-reflective) background would have been one of the first plates issued  in NSW under the Federal Numbering Scheme from 1951.  It was on a recent model car, so the plate had probably been repainted and kept in the same family from that time.
  • 549 – Seen on a new Renault.  Number-only plates were issued from 1910 to 1937.  This appeared to be a reproduction, perhaps in black plastic with white writing?  The genuine plates of only 3 digits can sell for $10,000’s.  Here’s one such from Victoria: http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Automotive/Wheels-Tyres-Parts-Accessories/Number-Plates/AdNumber=TP005302576
  • 517 – on a Toyota Landcruiser 4WD

That’s quite a bundle.  I also saw “BAK2BK” on a Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles number plate.  I don’t follow the Rugby League so I had no idea what “back to back” achievements were being celebrating here.  Take your pick:

  1. Premiership Titles in 1972 and 1973,
  2. Premiership Runners-Up 1982 and 1983,
  3. Sevens Tournaments 1994 and 1995,
  4. KG Cup (?) 1982 and 1983, or
  5. Club Championships 1987 and 1988.

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