– FREE ACCESS * TO CANBERRA’S LARGEST ELECTRIC CAR CHARGING NETWORK public network access December 2012.pdf?mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRonv6zJZKXonjHpfsX56OUpXLHr08Yy0EZ5VunJEUWy2YAGSdQhcOuuEwcWGog8wglMDuWHbIxB+fAP. AFAIK, this is a first big push by Better Place to promote its public charging network in Canberra.  Put down a deposit on a cable, get 24 months free charging. UPDATE 17:20 01/12/2012 It really is that simple.  As confirmed by Better Place at the Canberra International EV Festival, … Continue reading – FREE ACCESS * TO CANBERRA’S LARGEST ELECTRIC CAR CHARGING NETWORK

US Presidential Election – Picking winners – Nate Silver and 538

Write these numbers down: 314.6, 50.9% and 52.5. Nate Silver is a statistician, sabermetrician (baseball analyst), psephologist (election analyst) and writer.  Just like Antony Green, without the baseball. Nate's blog is "FiveThirtyEight: Nate Silver's Political Calculus" and contains the essence of his statistical methods with words to help us along. I started reading 538 (the name … Continue reading US Presidential Election – Picking winners – Nate Silver and 538

Breaking: Portland sustainability chief admits ‘Portlandia’ isn’t really a parody

I always said that Portlandia was a documentary.


Being the sustainability director of Portland is a bit like being the oil minister of Saudi Arabia. You don’t exactly run the place, but you do have the region’s chief export on tap. Portland’s public transit system is held up as a model for the country. Per capita carbon emissions are down 26 percent since 1990. Portland consistently tops lists for most bike-friendly city. The city even has an eco-pub.

Of course, you already knew this, thanks to Portlandia. But show creators Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein should thank sustainability chief Susan Anderson: She’s been pushing the city in this direction since the early ’90s. Anderson started off at the energy office and was a key figure in its first climate action plan in 1993. She’s headed the sustainability department since 2000, and now runs the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, the result of the Bureau of Planning merging…

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Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle – better economy already

I'll be taking a few more trips to Newcastle over the new few months. My father is recovering well and we're helping him with a few jobs around the house. So there's a few chances to baseline the fuel consumption under fairly arduous conditions. Parameters: Tyres at 45psi Lower grill fully blocked Full tank of … Continue reading Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle – better economy already