First 1000km tank

I’ve spent 9 months learning about the Prius and how to get the best out of it.  Finally! After many attempts, much frustration and a little learning I have broken into the 600 mile and the 1000km club.

First 1000km tank. The “CONS: 3.9l/100km” is optimistic by about 5.8% as the true figure was just over 4.1l/100km.  And I was still nowhere near empty.

1002.8km (622 miles) at 4.125l/100km (68.5 mpg(Imp) 57.3 mpg(US) 24.2km/l) at an average speed of 44km/h (27mph). (The HSI displays 3.9l/100km as it is optimistic by about 5.8%.)

I used 41.37l from a 45l tank of 94RON E10 from Shell. While Toyota Australia recommends 95 RON, I follow advice from PriusChat that recommends that anything over 91 RON is not worth the extra.

Sadly, the joy of reaching 1000km coincided with a 12¢ jump in petrol prices to $1.57.9 per litre.  At current exchange rates that’s AUD6.00/ USD6.21 per US gallon.  It cost me $65.32 (USD67.63) to fill up.

Recent mods include fill 100% lower grill blocking and 45psi in the tyres. The weather over the last 3 weeks has been about 5-10°c warmer than during my last tank (4.6l/100km), which is probably a key factor.

As previously posted the Distance to Empty calculation is very conservative.  DTE=0km was reached at about 865km, so I beat my previous beyond zero record of 35km by over 100km.
Not to sound unkind, but my wife, who thinks that P&G is a company that makes toiletries, tends to drive as if the accelerator and brake were on/off switches. She drove about 200km of that tank at about 5.0l/100km, so my achievement is even better than I expected.

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