Fuel Consumption trends – Fuelly.com


I keep track of my petrol use on www.fuelly.com. It has a simple interface and lets you record all manner of details in one place.  You can compare your car to the same model; there’s even 3 Trabants!

Here’s my stats and trends since January 2012:

Fuel Consumption

  • Average: 4.8L/100km
  • Last: 4.6L/100km
  • Best: 4.5L/100km

Filling Up

  • Average distance per tank: 719.7km
  • Best distance for a tank: 859.7km

The Distance to Empty (DTE) display is very conservative.  It reads 0km when there is clearly a lot of petrol in the tank.  I once drove 35km beyond DTE = 0km and still only put 40.59L into a 45L tank.  Could I have reached 965km (600 miles), I wonder?

Here’s a trend in L/100km from January 2012 to October.  Despite the weather getting significantly colder and only now starting to warm up again, my fuel consumption (FC) has trended down from 5’s to mid-4s’.  A combination of driving style and modifications have helped me improve FC against a tide that would tend to increase FC.  Yes, there was one particularly cold, foggy, wet and miserable day when I drove to Sydney and back using the A/C and rear defogger for most of the journey (and a flattening rear tyre) that pushed my into 5.1 territory.  Will I start getting regular tanks below 4.5 now that the weather is warmer?Image

Here’s the same data in Miles per US Gallon.  To compare, the US EPA lists the Prius as 51/48/50 City/Highway/combined MPG, so I’m starting to get better than EPA.Image

You don’t have to be slightly obsessive like me to record your fuel consumption on a website.  We can remember how much we spent on fuel, but we rarely know how much fuel we are using.  Keeping track tank by tank can help show if there’s a problem with your car in a way that keeping track of money spent cannot: prices fluctuate, the size of your tank does not.

Sign up to Fuelly.com and find out how much fuel you’re really using.



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