Latest fill-up – 4.56l/100km

Fuel consumption settled on 4.56L/100 km.  Quite pleasing given the circumstances.

Pros: warmer weather, grill blocking (for the last 150 km) and generally smooth driving helped provide a reasonable result.

Cons: mornings are still very cold and my wife drove about a ¼ of the distance.  Her approach to acceleration is fairly brutal.  This is not always a bad thing, as it will charge the HV battery, which in turn can be used to help drive the vehicle.  However, her braking style doesn’t take advantage of regenerative braking.

Curiously, the HSI displayed 4.1l/100 km, which is wildly optimistic. The HSI error seems to have increased from 6.5% to 11.5%, but that might just be an anomaly.

Weirder is the Garmin ecorouteHD, which has gone from being a highly accurate FC meter to become even more Pollyanna.  It regularly shows trip FC of mid 3 litres or even in the 2’s when the true figure is about 25% more.  Only started happening after upgrading the Garmin firmware…

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