Chinese blog – Anti-Japan protests in China

I’ve found an interesting blog called China News 24 from the Ministry of Tofu.  In particular, ON WEIBO, JAPANOPHOBIC MOBSTERS ARE FAR FROM THE MAJORITY that has observations and comments about the anti-Japan protests.

@零零发: Foreign reporters, when you cover anti-Japanese protests in various cities, can you please give up the use of terms that may hurt many innocent people by mistake, like “residents in Beijing” and “citizens of Shanghai”? Can you be more direct and accurate? Like“hundreds of suspicious people in Beijing,” “A great batch of dumb-asses in Shanghai,” “A bunch of nutcases in Shenzhen”… (15,667 shares, 2,927 comments)

Some of the protests are little more than cover for looting.

As reported in the Japan Times on Wednesday 19 September Beijing playing both sides with protests – Foreign threats seen as useful diversion from internal issues some protests have been encouraged or discouraged by authorities according to broader agendas: encouraged where anti-Japanese sentiments will play well and discouraged where locals are more concerned about corruption.

Even as early as Sept. 11, as small groups began demonstrating in front of the Japanese Embassy, there were signs of government encouragement. Mistaken for protesters, two journalists passing by were met by plainclothes police officers and instructed where to go to more effectively protest.

Occasionally in Japan you will see and hear the black “noise wagons” driven by right-wing groups, denouncing China, Korea and foreigners in general and what they see as Japanese subservience to the USA.  Despite their violent rhetoric and the obvious rage in their voices, their protests seem almost benign.  But even those ratbags know how to behave within decent society.  If I was a Korean student living in Japan I wouldn’t try to engage in conversation with them, but I wouldn’t be in fear of being chased in the streets by them either.

A Chinese student studying in Japan wrote that in contrast to the pandemonium in China, people in Japan are dispassionate and behaved reasonably. He also posted an illustrated work depicting a dialogue between him and one Japanese friend of his.


@黎黎要娶呆天使: Since there already have been many kind friends who have reminded me to watch out for my safety in Japan, I would like to thank everyone again here. Besides, please have no worry. Japan is truly a safe and orderly country. No one has taken this opportunity to smash and rob Chinese-owned stores. No one bullied me. Everything is fine. In fact, when there were brawls in China, everything is normal in Japan. And Japanese ordinary people really don’t care about this. Below is a conversation between me and my Japanese friend. (29,026 shares, 414 comments)

I feel just that little bit better now.

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