Er du fra Norge? Oletko Suomen?

Hvis du er fra Norge, og du fant bloggen min nyttig, kan du legge igjen en kommentar.

Jeg snakker ikke norsk, men jeg kan alltid oversette kommentarer.

Jeg skrev artiklene fordi jeg ikke kunne finne detaljerte instruksjoner for å passe DEFA SafeStart til en Prius på nettet. I Norge kan du gå til en autorisert DEFA mekaniker. I Australia, måtte jeg lære for meg selv!

Takk og farvel

Jos olet Suomen ja löysit blogini hyödylliseksi, jätä kommentti.

En puhu suomea, mutta en voi aina kääntää kommentteja.

Kirjoitin artikkeleita, koska en löytänyt yksityiskohtaiset ohjeet sopivan DEFA SafeStart että Prius on-line. Euroopassa, voit mennä valtuutettuun DEFA mekaanikko. Australiassa, minun oli opittava itse!

Kiitos ja näkemiin

To explain to regular readers, the reason for the message above is that my blog has been getting a lot views from Norway and the Toyota Club of Finland recently, so I’m asking them to leave a comment.

Recently, I’ve been posting about the engine block heater made by DEFA, a Norwegian company.  I couldn’t find any articles on-line about fitting one.  The supplied instructions were quite good, but they were generic for a dozen models with similar engines.  The Prius is unique in many ways, so I was eager to get more detailed information before buying and then attempting to fit into the unknown.  As you’d know from reading, it wasn’t much harder than changing oil to fit the EBH.  It was somewhat more confusing to know where to route the cable.

Since DEFA has authorised fitters in Europe, there’s probably no need for anyone to post instructions on-line as it is never a DIY job.  I’ve since received what seems to be detailed fitting instructions provided to authorised fitters from DEFA.  Maybe I can go into business now?

More Slipshod Reporting from The Onion


Not for the first time I find myself taking issue with The Onion on its journalistic standards and understanding of basic grammar.

In the article entitled Chloë Sevign̈y Approved For Second Umlaut, not only is the capitalisation non-standard, but the diacritics for e and n are wrongly described as ‘umlauts’.  It’s a f***ing diaeresis.

But what’s even worse is when a celebrity  thinks that they can put a trema on an “n”. What?  They’ve  discovered kinship with speakers of the Jakaltek language of Guatemala or Malagasy language of Madagascar?  Or Spın̈al Tap?

What’s the world coming too?