First day of Spring? My arse!

Temperature dropped from a cold and windy 10.8°c to 3.3°c in about 30 minutes. Kept going until it reached -6.3°c.

In Australia the seasons are set from the first of the month. So Summer starts on 1 December, Autumn on 1 March, Winter on 1 June and Spring from 1 September. Of course, weather and seasons can play tricks and it has snowed in Canberra in December.

However, you are on a hiding to nothing when you tilt the game against yourself.

Being at such high altitude and a fair way South, Canberra experiences four seasons in a significant way. Winters are cold and dry, Summers are hot and dry (with cool nights providing relief), Spring is cool and wet and Autumn can’t make up its mind. But suggesting that Winter has somehow ended and Spring is now solely responsible for the weather is a bit like blaming, I don’t know, a politician for a decision that was made before they came to office. And we wouldn’t do that!.

So I’ll wait until 22 September (is that right?) to declare Winter handing over to Spring. I think that fair on both seasons.

So how did I celebrate the first day of Spring? I plugged in my engine block heater.

BTW if one does bother to walk outside, you’ll find a glorious sunny day with frost-covered everything and a stillness and beauty that only sub-zero nights followed by sunny days can bring.

UPDATE: The official BoM minimum temperature was -6.8°c becoming the coldest September day since -6.4°c in 1982.