How much to charge an iPad for a year?

The Huffington Post cites a study by the Electric Power Research Institute into the cost of powering various household devices in the USA. Charging a the latest version of the iPad cost USD1.36 for year at the average power cost of 11.49¢ per kW/h.
I pay about 16.6¢ per kW/h plus a daily supply charge that I’ve conveniently left out so let’s call it 20¢. That’s about 74% more so let’s call it $2.35 to charge a new iPad in Australia.
Maybe I’m a bit lucky because the average the average household electricity bill in Australia is just under 25 cents per kilowatt-hour in 2011-12, which was 194 per cent more than that of Canadians and 122 per cent higher than those of Americans.
Canada gets a lot more hydro power than Australia, which may explain the lower cost. But I can’t imagine that the infrastructure in Canada is easier to manage than that in Australia, where infrastructure costs are to blame for a 40% increase in customer bills in 5 years. Forget about the Carbon Tax, since it hasn’t started yet, so it can’t have been the cause of the increases.
The good news is that if you use your iPad (other tablet devices are available) then you probably aren’t watching the power-hungry TV as much. There, you’re saving money already.

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