Must See TV (possibly) – Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy


I’m not entirely sure that I should recommend Luxury Comedy.  It is very bizarre and doesn’t have anything like the cogent story lines that everyone could relate to in The Mighty Boosh.

By way of experiment I lent a copy of episode 1 to a colleague whose appreciation of the absurd and Gary Numan should have placed him firmly into the “Must See” camp.  But he was unable to watch the full episode.  (He did enjoy “paprika alert” but by then it was too late.)

So… perhaps I could recommend NFLC to anyone who watched the Banana Splits as a child and appreciated the absurdity and understood the extensive drug references and utter pointlessness of it all.  There…. easy.

Thursday nights ABC1 repeated Saturday in the wee hours on ABC2

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