Must See TV – February / March 2012 Edition

First is James May’s Man Lab on SBS ONE Monday 27 February at 2030.  Hard to go past this man’s well-written and -executed programs especially when he’s not with the other two.

The first series of 3 programs will show a man how to disarm a WWII bomb, shine a shoe and seduce a lady with music.  And I’m not just saying that because that’s what I read on wikipedia; I’ve actually watched them.  Maybe SBS will show the 5 episodes of series 2 straight after; I haven’t seen those.

Another gem is/will be Danger 5 on SBS ONE Monday 27 February at 2130.  If you thought that Team America World Police was OK, you’ll probably like Danger 5.  It is an Australian production based on a comic.  Here’s the teaser called Danger 5: The Diamond Girls.

Sadly Danger! 50,000 Volts! is still not on free-to-air.  This could be described as Nick Frost’s take on James May’s Man Lab, but that might be unfair to both.

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