Tree fell over to some extent

Summer has been wetter and cooler than normal. I had the roof fixed yesterday to replace inadequate valleys that let in water even during light rain. Despite several heavy showers since the repair the roof showed no sign of water.
Then it really started bucketing down with hail from the Northeast. I checked the garage under the new roofing and saw a small leak, a few drops; nothing like the torrent I would have faced before. The roofer promised 98% chance of no leaks and he was right.
Moving to the back door to check the work at the rear of the house, I wondered why the yard seemed so bright. Where was the tree?

Resting against the fence and the roof, is where.

This was going to be tricky. First, call the experts. Told the SES (State Emergency Services) about tree and lack of apparent damage so that I wouldn’t get priority over some poor sod with an unexpected and unwelcome skylight.

Using my meagre hand saw and hedge shears I started to remove the “non-structural” branches to reduce weight on the rest. Texted a friend to borrow his chainsaw and for him to use his chainsaw since I had no idea how to us it.

Did I mention that we had friends over for a dinner party at the time? Sat down for dessert and coffee

So about 1 hour after my call no less than 6 SES arrived (and their supervisor later to check) dressed in orange and 3M tape with tools of destruction. The pipe saw was the most useful, an extendable whipper snipper with chainsaw head. Nice.

Quite a lot of fine trimming to lessen the weight before they were ready to risk dropping the rest. Gentle landing. A few more slices to reduce the trunk to bite-size bits and the job’s a good’un. Apart from the matter of clearing the green waste. Good thing I still have the station wagon.



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