Tree aftermath

That tree brought a lot of shade and privacy to the back of the house. The footpath behind isn’t used much but enough to discourage naturalistic tendencies with the curtains drawn. The other huge change is in the temperature. The back yard was often 10C° cooler than the front on a hot day and since I had managed to prune the branches high enough for me to walk under, it was a nice space.
Today’s jobs started with chipping the branches that were small enough to fit through my trusty Ryobi. Amazing to see a pile of branches the size of a small car reduce to the size of 2 pillows just by slicing it thinly enough. Already starting to warm up in the hot sun the pile was the perfect carbon to balance the nitrogen in my Aerobin® compost solution.
DISCLOSURE: The Aerobin produces more CO2 than other compost methods but none of the methane.

Next job was the fence. The fence posts are rotten at the bottom so there’s little support. I was astonished that the fence hadn’t given way but had actually slowed the tree’s fall and prevented any real damage. I had tied the fence post to the tree to hold the fence up, not the other way around.
One of the panels had pulled out from the top of the fence post leaving a gap. Closing the gap wasn’t so easy as I had to first make the gap wider, remove some very stubborn nails and somehow make it all better. The fence is a good 7 foot with overlapping palings and three rungs.
At the hardware store I found what is now my favourite tool; the Irwin Quick Grip XP600 One Handed Bar Clamp / Spreader. This thing can deliver 270kg of force with one hand. I also bought a crow bar, some huge galvanised nails and a rain gauge. (I figured that with the tree out of the way I could actually measure rain now.)
Last night the branches were thrown over my fence into a handy space in the shrubbery. Today I had to make it look presentable to 1. get to the fence and 2. to appear like I was just about to take it to the green waste dump in Mitchell.

Fence fixed, gutter fixed, tree still present

Realising that the fence post was no longer attached to the ground I decided to repair adequately and prepare for a tradesman’s opinion, tools and skill to do it properly.

Gutter was an easy fix.  One of the brackets had pulled out and it was straightforward to see how it fitted.  Clip, squeeze, clamp and it was done.  Pulled the last of the logs out of the gutter and it was done.

Just one job left…

Free to good home, 3 cubic metres of ex-tree

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