Liquids I have consumed recently

Apart from the ubiquitous Pocari Sweat sports drink and Kirin Ichiban beer, here are some of the liquids I have consumed recently:

  • Match, the “Let’s Vitamin” sports drink.  Too sweet.
  • Mao shōchū.  Rare and special with an aroma of apples.  My brother-in-law brought the bottle from Kyushu because you can’t get it easily anywhere else.
  • Lots of local sake.  It really does work with any meal just as stated in Oishinbo.
  • Coffee; weak.  Even when I order espresso.
  • Filtered water, from a Panasonic talking reverse-osmosis water filter.
  • Asahi Dodecamin Cola “Wild Edition”, with B group vitamins
  • Kirin Mets Grapefruit
  • Suntory Dakara calorie off sports drink.  (CM used to feature Mannekin Pis in full glory)

Your thoughts?

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