Seen on the road

Driving from Narita, saw what seemed to be a dog in the passenger seat.  Was a girl with clip-on ears.

Saw an old man on a road-registered quad bike in Tokyo, slowly weaving between traffic and parked cars.

In Kobe I saw a 1st generation Mitsubishi Debonair in mint condition. Since this model was all but unchanged from 1964 to 1986, it might be a fairly recent car. My guess from the engine note was that I saw an early one.  This was Mitsubishi’s “High-Class” car to rival the Toyota Century and Nissan President.  It was quite popular and stopped production in 1998; replaced by the Dignity and Proudia.  I didn’t get a picture, so here’s one from wikipedia.

Mitsubishi Debonair first generation, like the one I saw in Kobe

Also saw a Mercedes Benz E350 Bluetec.  It’s unusual in being a diesel car sold in Japan.  For many years diesel engines were an option for many Japanese cars, but the old school design had poor emissions and were taxed higher than petrol cars.  The lack of diesel affected the sales of Japanese cars in Europe.  It seems that “clean diesel” engine can be sold in Japan.  Might just compete with hybrids?


Your thoughts?

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