It’s the little things… Japan edition

Little things to love about Japan:

  • Plastic bags for umbrellas and racks outside to lock your dripping umbrella.
  • When you sit at a table in a restaurant or café you are greeted with a moist towel (often heated) and a glass of water.
  • Convenience stores sell good food and alcohol.
  • School girls wearing ——————— socks ————————— from the anime, not the manga ————————— [content removed by Senator Conroy’s internet filter as unfit for Australia]
  • It’s all so clean.  Even the garbage truck is clean.
  • Security guard with a feather-duster, cleaning the bank before it opens.
  • There’s a museum for everything.
  • Anyone can open a bar.  Don’t even need a liquor licence.
  • There’s a vending machine everywhere.

Your thoughts?

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