Should Australia invest in a fast train? Let me think…

Here’s some of the features of the N700 Nozomi (super-express) I took from Tokyo station to Shin-Kobe:

  • Train departed on time.  Made me realise that my watch was wrong.
  • Desperately had to charge iPhones.  Had 3 power outlets nearby.  One spare then.
  • 50cm of leg room.
  • Ate matsutake mushroom (like on Iron Chef) bento.  Could have had a beer or whiskey highball if I was so moved.
  • Car had two multipurpose rooms (sick room, baby change/feeding), a toilet and 2 vending machines.
  • So clean I could lick the walls.

If a mere $100 billion gets anything like that to travel from Melbourne to Brisbane, it would be well-spent.


Your thoughts?

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