The Iron Chef experiences are adding up! (Kyo no theme – KYOTO!)

There are some foods associated with Iron Chef: Fois gras; truffles; matsutake mushrooms; hamo (pike conger eel); consomme jelly and piiman (capsicum).  Last night I had 3 in a single meal. First entrée was chestnuts, ham, cheese and matsutake mushroom croquette. Second was abalone, sanma and piiman. Hamo and snapper carpaccio seasoned with hamo bones was next.  It's the one with … Continue reading The Iron Chef experiences are adding up! (Kyo no theme – KYOTO!)

Liquids I have consumed recently

Apart from the ubiquitous Pocari Sweat sports drink and Kirin Ichiban beer, here are some of the liquids I have consumed recently: Match, the "Let's Vitamin" sports drink.  Too sweet. Mao shōchū.  Rare and special with an aroma of apples.  My brother-in-law brought the bottle from Kyushu because you can't get it easily anywhere else. Lots of … Continue reading Liquids I have consumed recently

Missing links – Japanese Toilets

Ok, first an apology if this is repeating a well-known truth about Japan.  For everyone else, here is a primer on Japanese toilets. There is a missing link for Japanese toilets Strange as it may seem, in Japan you either find the traditional squat toilet or highly-technological, all-singing, all-dancing bidet/toilet.  There are no plain toilets … Continue reading Missing links – Japanese Toilets

It’s the little things… Japan edition

Little things to love about Japan: Plastic bags for umbrellas and racks outside to lock your dripping umbrella. When you sit at a table in a restaurant or café you are greeted with a moist towel (often heated) and a glass of water. Convenience stores sell good food and alcohol. School girls wearing --------------------- socks … Continue reading It’s the little things… Japan edition

Should Australia invest in a fast train? Let me think…

Here's some of the features of the N700 Nozomi (super-express) I took from Tokyo station to Shin-Kobe: Train departed on time.  Made me realise that my watch was wrong. Desperately had to charge iPhones.  Had 3 power outlets nearby.  One spare then. 50cm of leg room. Ate matsutake mushroom (like on Iron Chef) bento.  Could have … Continue reading Should Australia invest in a fast train? Let me think…