Long absence explained by Castle Age addiction

I had everything going for me when I started the blog:

  • Interesting subject matter
  • time
  • fast Internet access
  • slightly inflated sense of one’s importance
  • sufficient alcohol to dis-inhibit the creative process but not so much as to turn very post into drunk-dial nightmare.
Then I discovered Castle Age on FriendFace.  It rendered me incapable of spending time on the Internet that was not devoted to Castle Age.  The addiction was not without its charms, just like any other addiction.  As Oliver Reed said on Aspel and Company (voted 90th most popular television moment by Channel 4 viewers) “[I drink because] I have met he most wonderful people in pubs.”
In order to get ahead with Castle Age one must build an army.  One may only recruit from one’s friends.  So one must accept all manner of people who wish to “friend” one for no other reason than to build their army.
  • If you wonder why so few of my real friends want to join my army… I wonder too.
So the 2 skinheads with a pathological dislike of Barack Obama have un-friended me, perhaps in response to my “Like” of same, “Jon Stewart” and such FriendFace groups.  Isn’t it a shame when people can’t put aside their ideological differences to help slay dragons together.  😦

Your thoughts?

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