The holiday begins…

My first real break in a few years. I noticed from my old passport that the last time I was in Japan was September 2007, though Chikako has been there twice since then.

This time it seems almost like we’ve planned it: a few days in Tokyo, a couple in Kyoto with friends then back to the house. My sister and her family will be in Osaka for a week, only 70km away from the house. I’ll also get back to Hiroshima for the first time in 10 years.

The dogs go to the kennel today, or “Camp” as we call it. An emotional time for Chikako. However, picking them up in 3 weeks time it will probably be difficult to get Maruko and Shiro back out.

Gadgets: After defragging my computer room a few weeks ago I have all of my gadgets, chargers and adapters in order. Most universal chargers have a simple “figure-8” plug, so it is easy to swap an Australian 2-pin for a Japanese/US 2-pin cord, of which I have 4. So that will cover our mobile phones, netbook, Palm, Nintendo DS, digital camera, HD camcorder and iPods. Sorted.

Tomorrow the route will be Canberra-Sydney-Cairns-Narita (Tokyo) arriving at about 20:00 local time. And cold… 8° maximum and 1° minimum for the next few days. I love the cold, me.

Funny how just before getting on the plane feels exciting and routine at the same time. 🙂


Your thoughts?

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