When does the Project finish and the Promise begin?

Here’s the thing… project was delivered in November 2009 after some hurried, but otherwise OK, development and training. Roll-out was heavily supported by floor-walkers on the ground who moved heaven and earth to get it done. 2000 users, 2000 issues (of which 1975½ have been resolved) and 2000 (actually 1000, but I was on a roll) new users waiting to get involved is a formula for an epic project.
The details of what system, where, how and by whom written to be 100% buzzword compliant are saved for the more professional social networking site, where “stakeholder engagement” and “delivered like Australia Post on steroids” make the readers say “Hell Yes!”.

The emotions fit here better. (Actually, the emotions belong on the professional site too IMO, but I’ll comply with the style guide.) I’m on leave next week – 3 weeks in Japan – so now seems like as good a time as any for a post mortem.

So how do I feel? Here’s the thing: I wondered, seriously wondered if we were going to make it just before go-live. But at the same time I realised that we were going to deliver like a seriously ambitious blow for the strategic goals of the enterprise. (Sorry. That belongs on the other thing.)

I was most looking forward to the go-live. You can’t hide, can’t run away. You bite off more than you can chew and just keep chewin’! Besides, wearing a bright red t-shirt embossed with the project name is no way to remain anonymous. Adrenaline (or nor-epinephrine, to give it its proper name) kept the fire up.

Did I believe in the project so much that I didn’t need coffee, sleep or reason to keep me going? It is a feeling worth sharing. (Before you get worried… No, there’s nothing sexual about it.)

I’ve just delivered 2 days of training in to consolidate, to contextualise, to draw the line separating a project from a finished product.

It feels good to be going on leave now. Someone else can have a go. I can sleep now… well… once I get back to Canberra.


Your thoughts?

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