Restarting my blog (was “Where did my Yahoo360 blog go?)

I’ve given up on Yahoo for blogging.  Yahoo 360 was OK, but it was closed down last year.  Apparently I was given the opportunity of migrating the content before the cut-off, but I can’t seem to find the email notifying me of its impending demise.  So all of that brilliant work and incisive social comment is now gone.  Few read it and now no one else can.  You would have loved my thinkpieces on public baths in Japan, my series on cars and discussion (one-sided) on the Japanese Tribal Mind (with references to Gregory Clark’s thinkpiece ).

To be honest, I just need somewhere reliable to post my travelblog for the next few weeks.  I’ll be Japan in February.  I much prefer a blog to myface as I am more wordy than can be read in those tiny spaces on a wall.

Now that I look a realise that my wife has been blogging almost every day since January 2006.  Mostly posts and photos about the food we are eating, the new outfits for our dogs or me sleeping with two dogs licking my face.  Of course her face is obscured in photos, whereas my body in all of its candid glory can be seen regularly.   Funny how she can use Paint to hide herself but she never thinks to use it to help me lose a few kilos.


Your thoughts?

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