UTA100 2021 – the non-runner edition

(I’m finally writing a few post-mortem blog posts about my UTA100 race in May 2021. This edition is for non-runners and those uninterested in pace, equipment, strange food or offended by frequent course descriptions and full-frontal bodily functions.) The steep bits only look vertical because they are Why 100km? What is the appeal of running … Continue reading UTA100 2021 – the non-runner edition

UTA 50 – Part 3 – Gearing up!

(To paraphrase Eddy Merckx, "Don't buy upgrades; run up grades." I followed that advice... to some extent.) Sponsorship offers welcome (but highly unlikely) Gear change There was nothing wrong with my gear in 2018. Everything fitted in the 12 litre Kathmandu vest pack, everything worked. But over time and through experience and stuff wearing out … Continue reading UTA 50 – Part 3 – Gearing up!

UTA50 Part 2 Training… somewhat underdone

(Part 1 was https://templeblot.wordpress.com/2018/09/26/uta50-entered-achievement-unlocked/) Apart from the odd high-volume weekend, this was the program I followed Best of intentions I had plenty of time to prepare for UTA50 since entering September 2018. Among bouts of running I finished Fitz's Classic 165 km with relative ease and l'etape 170 km (story to come). Then this thing … Continue reading UTA50 Part 2 Training… somewhat underdone